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Sarawak Government Gazettes

State Laws of Sarawak are termed Ordinances and subsidiary legislations are published in the Sarawak Government Gazettes from time to time. Since 1st January 1993, changes have been introduced in Sarawak in numbering Ordinances, following the Revision of Laws Ordinance, 1992 (Cap. 1). All revised laws and law enacted on and after 1st January 1993 shall be numbered in consecutive order and designated by Chapter (Cap.) numbers.

The Sarawak Government Gazette is divided into five parts.

Part I is divided into two series -
  1. The Main Series containing the Revision of Laws Ordinance, 1992, the pre-1993 Ordinance revised under the authority of the Revision of Laws Ordinance, 1992, and the Ordinance enacted by the Dewan Undangan Negeri on or after 1st January, 1993 that are considered to be laws of a primary and premanent nature.

    The Revision of Laws Ordinances, 1992, shall form the first Ordinance of the Laws of Sarawak's main series published in Part I of the Sarawak Government Gazette and shall be numbered as Chapter 1 or Cap. 1.

  2. The 'A' series containing amending Ordinances, Supply Ordinances and Ordinances intended to have effect for a short duration.

Amending laws and Supplementary Supply Ordinances and laws of a short duration would be numbered in consecutive order with the letter "A" prefixed to the number of that Chapter (e.g. Revision of Laws (Amendment) Ordinances, 1993, shall be numbered as Ordinance Chapter A1 or Cap. A1.

Part II is published as and when necessary embodying all subsidiary or delegated legislation, Treaties, Conventions, Proclamation, Declaration, Orders, Rules, Regulations etc. The prefixed letters "Swk. L.N." are used in respect of Legal Notifications published in Part II of the Sarawak Government Gazette. The letter (F) appearing after the abbreviations is used to identify the notification as being legislation which deals with matters on the Federal List - this is to make clear which notifications are State and which are Federal.
Part III is published as and when necessary covering all State Bills to be introduced in the Dewan Undangan Negeri.
Part IV is published as and when necessary and covers all subsidiary legislation made under any written law by the Commission of the City of Kuching North, the other local authorities constituted under the Local Authorities Ordinances, 1996 [Cap. 20], and the Bintulu Development Authority in the exercise of the powers conferred on it under sections 4 and 5 of the Lembaga Kemajuan Bintulu Development Authority) Ordinance, 1978 [Ord. No. 1/78].
The prefixed letter "Swk. L.G." are used before the number in respect of Local Government/Authorities legal notifications published in Part IV of the Sarawak Government Gazette.
Part V is prefixed with the letter "G.N." before that number of notification is published every Thursday. It covers public notices, statutory appointments and all matters required to be published in the Gazettes or which the Government deems it necessary to publish for public information other than matters which are required to be published in other Parts referred to above.

Where to get the Laws of Sarawak Series

The Laws of Sarawak series are published by Authority of the Sarawak Government and are available in booklet and looseleaf format. The Series in both formats, are distributed by Percetakan Nasional Malaysia, Cawangan Sarawak and can be subscribed by completing the order form available at :

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